When The Revivalist arrived at the studio for Royal Family Records to meet up with Adam Deitch (hip-hop, jazz, and funk drummer for Lettuce), Eric Krasno (guitarist of the much revered band Soulive), and Nigel Hall (multi-instrumentalist/vocalist), only Kras and Hall were present. Deitch was at his dad’s gig at B.B. Kings. Both of his parents are professional drummers. Go figure.

Hall and Kras reminisced about how the entire Royal Family Records was formulated, and how Hall got roped into the mix. Kras broke down the science of the industry, as things have changed throughout the years since he’s been heavy on the scene, touring big with Soulive since 1999. At this point, Deitch showed up to recall the makings of Lettuce, and the good old days of Berklee. Obviously touring worldwide and garnering a massive cult following wouldn’t suffice, so they started a production company called The Fyre Department, where they produce tracks for some heavy hitter hip-hoppers and soul artists too. Ones that you and I might hear on a radio station.

Here is our insiders look on Krasno/Deitch/Hall in an average day in their studio. This of course wouldn’t be complete without a spontaneous jam session…

Interviewed by Lee Turley & Meghan Stabile

Video by Erez Horovitz

Words by Boyuan Gao


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  • Ian Croft

    Nice insight and looking forward to part II when Deitch makes an appearance. Great site and enjoying what you are bringing to the table.

  • Audiophile

    This is so quiet =( TURN IT UP!!

  • kp

    checking back everyday to see if part II is up….can´t wait to hear that jam session

  • http://sophistafunkband.com adam


    • Courtney

      SOPHISTAFUNK is the freshest new band i’ve heard in a while!!! when r they playin w/ Soulive, Lettuce, or Chapter 2 again ?