Ben Lamdin (aka Nostalgia 77) has released a mix on Wax Poetics featuring songs from the underground jazz scene in London. The songs come from an array of sources including his own label, Impossible Ark. This is a great way to check out the contemporary underground jazz scene that is burgeoning in London if you haven’t yet heard anything.

“Relics” Tracklist

  1. “Elephants,” The Skeletons (Koka / Universal)
  2. “Awake Like This,” Fringe Magnetic (Loop)
  3. “The Magnetic Peacock,” Riaan Vosloo (Impossible Ark)
  4. “We Are Two,” Ma (Grundle)
  5. “Lost Where I Belong” Andreya Triana (Ninja Tune)
  6. “Bleak Sylvette,” Outhouse (Babel)
  7. “Beatrice,” Allsopp, Vosloo, Stanley, Giles (Impossible Ark)
  8. “Dandelions” Kaz Simmons
  9. “Empathy,” The Rhythmagic Orchestra (Impossible Ark)


“Relics” mix by Nostalgia 77 (Courtesy of Wax Poetics)

“Relics” mix by Nostalgia 77 by Wax Poetics


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For more information on Nostalgia 77 and their upcoming album The Sleepwalking Society.


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