For the launch of our new series, The Revivalist Sessions, we brought a talented group of musicians into the studio to record what they’re currently working on. The first installment features James Casey, DJ Ginyard, Corey Bernhard, Justin Tyson, and Nozomi Yamaguchi working out some tunes for their project that will be out at the end of the year. Check out the video below for an inside look into what happens when musicians hit the studio to record. Then take a listen to a mix of the track guitarist, Nozomi Yamaguchi put together for us.

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“Cuppa Tea”

Cuppa Tea (Nozomi Yamaguchi Mix) by The Revivalist

Tenor Sax – James Casey

Keys – Corey Bernhard

Bass – DJ Ginyard

Drums – Justin Tyson

Guitar – Nozomi Yamaguchi


“Cuppa Tea” Written by DJ Ginyard
Mix by Nozomi Yamaguchi
Engineered by Spencer Doren & Eric Sandler

Words/Media by Eric Sandler & Lorenz Schimpf


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