We Want Miles, an interactive and multimedia tribute to the late trumpeter legend Miles Davis that made its first debuts in Paris and Montreal, is opening in Brazil today. Starting in Rio de Janeiro at the Centro Cultural Banco Do Brasil from today from August 1st until September 28th, and then in Sao Paulo at SESC Pinheiros from October 19th until January 25th, We Want Miles Brazil will display the same incredible artifacts, photos, and music of Miles from the previous shows, but will also include some new special features. The Revivalist spent an afternoon with Miles’ nephew Vince Wilburn Jr., who is one of the managers the Miles Davis estate, to talk about what the world can expect from the new Brazil exhibit. And yes, we did plead with him to bring this magnificent collection of Miles Davis’ life to the United States.

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Is there anything siginificant about bringing the exhibit to Brazil in particular?

I know uncle Miles had a passion for Brazilian music. It’s great that the people of Brazil are welcoming the exhibit.

What will the lucky Brazilians see in this exhibit that weren’t included in the Paris and Montreal shows?  

Well, this exhibit will have the eight thematic sequences similar to the other shows, but there different objects and documents that haven’t been displayed before. There are photos of uncle Miles with Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and other now legendary cats that haven’t been shown before. Also, I believe that the last day of the second Rio exhibit will coincide with the anniversary of his death, and they’re putting together a special press conference for that with Antonio Carlos Miguel.

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Is We Want Miles coming to the U.S. anytime soon?

Hopefully we want to come to New York after the run in Brazil. It makes sense. it hasn’t hit the East Coast.

Are you in negotiations right now about that?

We are in talks right now, but I’m not at liberty to say at this moment. You’ll just have to wait and see.

Take a closer look at the We Want Miles exhibit from the Cite de la Musique virtual tour

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