Hello All! It’s that time again! Enjoy below all the dope new content we  have posted here at The Revivalist the past week!

Mark Kelley of the Roots (Feature Interview)

The Revivalist caught up with Mark Kelley, new bass player for the Roots, as he settles into his new gig and prepares for the release of undun, out in stores 12/6. Read below as he gives insight into the typical day of a Roots musician, some of his personal history, and his continuing role as an in-demand bassist and artistic creator.

Greg Spero: Greater Than You Can Hear (Feature Interview)

Chicago-based pianist Greg Spero got his start in music in ways both familiar and unconventional. In high school, he pursued the “singer/songwriter” route and joined the jazz band because “it seemed like the thing to do”—i.e., a way to meet people and stay involved while learning music. But he also joined a band with one of his closest relatives—his father.

Capoeira: Brazilian Martial Arts (Media Feature)

Capoeira is a martial arts form that was created by enslaved Africans in Brazil in the 16th century. It formed as a method for blacks to defend themselves against the cruel realities of slavery.  The playful aspect of capoeira was meant to disguise the self defense purposes of the practice, until slave master’s figured out the power of it, and outlawed it until the 1930s.

OKPTV & The Revivalist: Soulive at Terminal 5 f. Roy Hargrove

Check out our joint OKPTV and Revivalist video exclusive capturing the excitement surrounding Soulive‘s October performance at Terminal 5 featuring, as always, a slew of intriguing special guests. The Revivalist feature focuses on Soulive with some exclusive concert footage, interviews, and more with a look into Roy Hargrove’s special performance with the Soulive musicians.

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