With Completion of Proof, the Curtis Brothers are taking the culmination of many years of collaboration, songwriting, performing, and recording and bringing it to your ears. Bassist Luques explains, “We are releasing it on our own record label, Truth Revolution Records, so you know the music is directly from us. While it might have been easier to go through a traditional record label, we decided to retain full creative control.” The album features musicians who have each developed a strong musical identity in their own rights as well as having worked together within different settings.

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With their sophomore album the rhythm section is held down by Zaccai Curtis on piano, Luques Curtis on bass, and Ralph Peterson on drums. Peterson met the brothers at a festival when they were teenagers, but their relationship was later strengthened when the Curtis Brothers attended the Berklee College for Music where Peterson began teaching. He has been a strong mentor and collaborator with them throughout their careers and it shows in the music. “I think he solos on every track!” Luques exclaims. Zaccai adds that “No one plays like Ralph. For us, he has another aspect of teaching and mentoring. I wouldn’t have another drummer.” Also on the record are Brian Lynch on trumpet, Donald Harrison and Joe Ford on alto sax, and Jimmy Greene on tenor sax all of whom the brothers have developed extensive musical repertoires with. Concerning the musical vibes going between Luques and Zaccai, both have come to accept that though there is a unique connection between them, it’s not what you would think. The brothers explain that just because they know what the other wants them to do, that doesn’t mean it’s actually going to happen. Though Luques asserts that “all disagreements are left behind when [they] hit the bandstand.”

The album title, Completion of Proof, speaks to how the brothers envision the record. The moniker comes from the Latin phrase “quod erat demonstrandum”  or Q.E.D. which Zaccai explains is placed after a mathematical or scientific theory when it is proven. Just as the scientists take a hypothesis and prove it, the Curtis Brothers have taken a musical idea and brought it to fruition. This idea the brothers share extends far beyond just one album though. As Zaccai sees it, “more and more musicians are releasing music independently. That’s the way it’s going, so that’s what we are going to do.” Both Luques and Zaccai agree that having their own label allows certain freedoms that no other option would provide. In writing the songs, the brothers sought to allow each musician a degree of freedom to add their own character to each recording. Looking into the future, Luques and Zaccai are working on a number of releases for Truth Revolution Records spanning from salsa to Latin, hip-hop, jazz, acoustic rock, and more and are excited to be releasing the debut solo record from Little Johnny Rivero who rose to fame with La Sonora Ponceña and now plays with Eddie Palmieri along with Luques. Moreover they will be recording the NYC album release party to create a documentary on the musicians and process involved with Completion of Proof. Look out for more from the Curtis Brothers and Truth Revolution Records in 2012.

Be sure to come out to the album release party Saturday 12/10!

 Line Up: Zaccai Curtis – Piano |Luques Curtis – Bass | Ralph Peterson – Drums | Brian Lynch – Trumpet |Donald Harrison – Sax | Jimmy Greene – Sax

WHEN: Saturday, December 10th // Doors: 8pm Show: 8:30pm // WHERE: Zinc Bar 82 West 3rd St. btw Thompson & Sullivan // TICKETS: $10, 21+

Words by Eric Sandler



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