Bret Primack has been at the forefront of jazz media since 1995 pioneering his Jazz Central Station. From there Primack went to to conduct countless interviews with timeless artists in the jazz realm and beyond. Recently, Primack’s Youtube channel “the Jazz Video Guy” passed the 25 million view mark throughout his over 1000 videos. Check out an interview released by his PR team as well as the many videos on his channel below.

Jazz Video Guy

“Q:  How is it possible, at a time when people are saying Jazz is losing market share, that your videos have more than 25 million views.

A:  It’s a combination of factors.  First, YouTube is free, the only price of admission are the occasional but nevertheless annoying pre-roll ads that appear before some videos, which can usually be skipped.  Secondly, YouTube videos can be accessed anywhere, on a computer, smart phone, tabletcomputer or game player.  Third, my channel features a wide variety of content, from performances to interviews to behind the scene documentaries.  And fourth, Jazz is a global medium.  More than half of the twenty five million views are from outside the United States.  So although naysayers abound, the truth is that there are many people all over the planet who love this music.   I’m getting about 10,000 unique viewers a day.

Q:  What about the quality of your content, which features people like Sonny Rollins and Billy Taylor and Bob Mintzer?

A:  Of course that helps.  But again, it’s more than that.  I’ve been working on the web since 1994, when I co-founded Jazz Central Station, the first majorJazz website.  From day one, there’s been a formula for success on the web that still holds true, even though the medium has changed quite a bit.  Compelling content, easy to access, regularly updated.  That’s what I strive to do, posting the best video I can produce, two to three times a week.  I’ve been doing that since March 20, 2006 on YouTube.

Q:  What’s next for the Jazz Video Guy?

A:  I just raised the funds, on Kickstarter, to complete my first full-length documentary, “Pauly Cohen, Trumpeter.”  Clips from the film are already posted on my YouTube channel.  The film itself will be shown at Festivals and other venues that feature documentary films.  I’m also in pre-production for new web series about Jazz musicians.”

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