Hiatus Kaiyote has been on everyone’s minds lately as the Australian band makes their way across the ocean and into our headphones. Everyone from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson to Erykah Badu have been singing their praises, but there is no voice we want to hear more than  HK lead vocalist, Nai Palm. Thus it is with excitement and much fanfare that Revive Music is presenting the North American debut of Nai Palm Sunday 10/14/12 at Rockwood Music Hall.

Nai Palm is a unique artist, beyond comparison; a poetic wonder with a magnetic spirit, whose evocative voice and lyrical approach tells a profound story. “As far as inspiration, I thought I wrote my first polyrhythm like last week, but apparently I just do that generally. For example, even on just the rhythmic side, I love classical music because it has counter-melodies going on. Also a lot of music from Mali and Africa for all of these beautiful polyrhythms. Counter-rhythms is the rhythmic equivalent of the counter-melodies in classical music. Sonically, I listen to a lot of gritty blues, blues guitarists like Son House and Skip James, that really raw stuff. Vocally, just listening to people speaking in a different language as well as the different shapes and sounds that you get. Björk is a huge influence. My mom raised me on soul music. I was practically breast-fed on Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and all of the old school soul cats. It’s more than all of us just playing our individual instruments though. We’re all contributing to this cooking pot. There are so many different aspects of writing something. I think, in this day and age and with the internet especially, we have so many sessions at Clarke Street where the boys live, where we just nerd out. We watch, you know, pygmies singing, sessions with Miguel [Atwood-Ferguson] and Fly-Lo, water-drumming. We just really nerd out. The world has so many sonic jams to offer.”…Read more of our interview with Hiatus Kaiyote

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Date: Sunday 10/14/12
Time: 11:30pm
Venue: Rockwood Music Hall
Price: NO COVER with RSVP to events@revivedalive.com 


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