Cory Henry is consistently the guy in the back of the band that makes you shake and move with his infectious grooves. His style inspires viral videos of him blazing on the organ in church, performing with Snarky Puppy, and grinding in his bedroom to name only a few. Long story short, you want to see him play no matter the setting, style, instrument, or group. Cory brings it.

We caught up with Cory over email while he is on his grind producing several records and performing all over the country. Take a listen to his music and check out some of the music that influences his style with some commentary from Cory himself.

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Top 5 Musicians:

Derrick Jackson might be my favorite organist. His ability to connect musical genres is amazing. From classical to jazz then gospel. He has amazing feel and is very knowledgable of the instrument, with a very interesting approach.

Billy Preston. I love Billy Preston as a musician. He was a guy that really showed the world that he was able to adapt to any situation. Probably one of my biggest influences on organ because he made it relevant to genres that weren’t really thinking about the instrument. He has played with the most incredible artists ever.

Oscar Peterson. Amazing Pianist. For me, he is one of the first people that opened me up to be-bop. At a young age it made so much sense to me coming from a church background to be able to play expressively and still sound like “church,” (well at least my version of church) LOL. He “swings” the hardest and every note he plays you can just feel it.

Art Tatum. Simply put- He is Amazing. Still amazes me as I sit and listen to one instrument sound like two. One of the greatest ever.

Herbie Hancock. Herbie gave me a sense of feel. I loved listening to him play “less” or reserved at times but still feel like he’s playing so much. A great placement player.

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Favorite Organ Records:

Yaya3’s Self Titled Record

The Champ by Joey D.

Back at the Chicken Shack by Jimmy Smith

Favorite Instrumental Records:

Sunlight by Herbie Hancock

The Chick Corea Elektric Band by Chick Corea

Also be sure to check out Cory Henry’s own release, Gotcha Now Doc


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