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Lee Morgan is remembered as one of the greatest trumpet players to ever grace the hallowed halls of jazz. In his short lifetime, he managed to record over 25 albums, several of which are still considered classics, and have influenced innumerable musicians to hit the scene since his death. Concord Records recording artist Ben Williams is one of those artists. Celebrated as a bassist and composer, he recently released his first record, State of Art (2011). The disc features a track entitled “The Lee Morgan Story,” which is just that – a four-minute tune that tells the story of Morgan’s life from beginning to end. New York-based emcee John Robinson supplies the lyrics, while renowned trumpeter Christian Scott complements Robinson’s rhymes with an expansive and continuous solo unfolding in the background. Williams, in tribute to Morgan’s legacy, has written a slew of new and exciting arrangements of Morgan’s classic music for this special performance with Robinson and a slew of notable musicians. —> Event Info