Earlier this month we lost an amazing musician and person when Dave Brubeck passed. A frequent contributor to the “standards” of jazz, Brubeck’s compositions were only topped by his performances and recordings. His son, Chris Brubeck published a great piece both about his own relationship with his father and his father’s impact.

Check out an excerpt from My Mentor, My Collaborator, My Father: Dave Brubeck:

“Some fathers and sons are lucky enough to have great relationships from childhood to the very end. I’m in that fortunate group. My dad and I did many fantastic things together, from playing jazz gigs all over the world in the very best concert halls, to playing on the edge of our seats during recording sessions that still sound vibrant, to sharing the joy of sitting on the stage surrounded by orchestra and chorus performing not only jazz charts but also my father’s significant body of sacred music…”

Read the Full Piece at NewMusicBox


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