Our good friends over at CultureFphiles recently enlisted the expertise of Revive Music Group’s very own Founder & CEO, Meghan Stabile, for a piece entitled “A Letter to All Musicians–From Meghan Stabile” which breaks down some important DOs and DON’Ts for musicians in the industry today.

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Check out an excerpt from the piece below with some important insights from Stabile as interviewed by CultureFphiles’ Boyuan Gao:

Treat your music like it’s your business—because it is.

Many musicians think that all they have to do is create the music, and the audience will come. But to even be relevant in this fast pace, factory-like industry, where product is being pushed every second,treating your music like your own independent label has become more of a necessity.  Musicians have to understand that their music as a business. A lot of musicians don’t even want to think about that–they want to worry ONLY about their creativity, and that’s the biggest mistake they can’t afford.

Get people to flock to you.

Once you have your shit together, other people will start to come in and want to work with you because they will see the value of what you’ve created. You don’t have to chase people down. If you know your music will speak–then let it speak, and they will come to you. If this sounds like a contradiction from everything else I’ve said, it’s not. You still have to do all of the work.

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1 Replies to "CultureFphiles Features Revive Music’s Meghan Stabile"
Girish Trivedi says:
June 24, 2013 at 2:46 am

Dear Meghan Stabile:

I was very pleased and impressed to read about you in the NY Times.

I greatly appreciate all that you are doing to bring Jazz to
‘uninitiated’ listeners.

I am 78 and have been listening to the original American Art Form
Jazz for close on 60 years.

Last century fifties, sixties and seventies gave us many small
groups ( quartets, quintets and on rare ocassions sextets ) who
were greatly preferred and popular in club and concert settings.

Obviously, one can not censor other pop musics like rock, hiphop
etc; but these have somehow impinged on my Jazz.

Ah, Minton’s, Clark’s Uptown, Cafe Bohemia, 3 Deuces, Kelly’s stable, Jimmy Ryan’s, the Onyx and so on.

Gillespie, Parker, Davis, Lucky Thompson, Joe Guy, Monk, Bud Powell, Fats Navarro, Howard McGhee, Klook Mop and many others.

Would love to hear from you.

The best.


Mumbai, India

Pl. send me a copy of this as I will not remember what I wrote.

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