Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is one of the premier musicians, orchestrators, arrangers, and composers of our time undoubtedly. Blending his influences which range from J Dilla to Chopin, Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis and beyond has differentiated him as an artist who strongly represents the here and now in music. Luckily for us, the here and now for Miguel is recording both his debut solo record on Brainfeeder, Les Jardins Mystiques, as well as a string quartet record of cinematic improvisations entitled Quartetto Fantastico.

Photo by Mylan Cannon (NY TIMES)

Photo by Mylan Cannon (NY TIMES)

We could not be more excited for these two albums to be created, but we must come together as a community to support the creation process. Miguel has put together an IndieGoGo campaign for anyone who wants to donate any amount of money for this incredible artistic feat. Please check it out and support if you are able to. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson is certainly an artist who deserves to take what is happening in his mind and release it to the world.

Support Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s Solo Debut & Quartet Records

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