Of course we all know Macklemore (Ben Haggerty) from his duo with Ryan Lewis that has produced the off-kilter hip-hop hit “Thrift Shop” last year, but did you know that he had some serious jazz chops as well? Teaming up with his touring trumpet player, Owuor Arunga, Macklemore dropped a video on Youtube entitled “Jazz Sessions: Volume 1,” recorded in some off-time spent in Boston on Monday. Eerily, you can hear someone talking in the background at the end of the video about the explosions happening at the Marathon. Overall the video has a serious vibe, possibly inspired by the day’s tragedy.

Photo by Joe Kline

Photo by Joe Kline

From the videographer: “This powerful moment was unscripted. No rehearsal. Well, to be honest it was the 3rd take. The first take (which was the most robust) was not filmed. Those notes will live on forever inside the orange walls of that rectangle. Some compare the duo to that of Chick Correa and Miles Davis.” While the two of them may have a minute before we’re calling them Miles and Chick, this is indeed a powerful moment shared by the two musicians (and now the rest of the world) and is certainly three-and-a-half minutes of straight vibe. I’d certainly like to hear Volume 2.

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