When the names Nikki Glaspie, Nigel Hall, Nick Cassarino, or Nate Edgar come across my desk it always catches my attention for good reason. When they all came together across my desk, I knew I had something special on my hands. Basic Minimum Skills Test finds the group delving into “epic blends of funk, jazz & soul” under the auspices of The Nth Power.

Nikki Glaspie, Nigel Hall, Nick Cassarino, and Nate Edgar

Taking influence from their collective hometown of New Orleans as well as luminaries such as Bobby Womack, D’Angelo, George Duke, Steely Dan, Tower of Power, and others, you’ll find that once the group pitches up a groove, they never let it drop. Hall and Glaspie take turns trading off lead and supporting vocals while Glaspie’s drumming continues to pick pockets left and right and Hall’s fluidity on the keys refuses to cease. Cassarino and Edgar work their instruments like jukeboxes injected with souls directly quoting their influences at times and fusing together their own legacies at others.

While working on their first self-released, full-length album, Abundance, the group will be touring through the summer and fall to support the initial EP. Take a listen to the Nth Power’s first EP below and be sure to buy a copy if you dig it (and trust us, you will).

Booking Inquiries: Andy Shapiro (801-403-1359 or thenthpowerunlimited@gmail.com)

Eric Sandler (@ericsandler)


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Margaret Willard says:
December 11, 2013 at 11:42 pm

The Nth Power converges on lower Manhattan this Friday at Drom!!!

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