The competition is running deep this year between Blue Note Records and Concord Records for spot as the supreme voice in jazz (though we have to say, we love them both!). With Blue Note launching their highly regarded Spotify app this past September and an iOS app recently this year as well, it was about time Concord got into the app sphere—and that they did with the Stylus Jazz Discovery App for Spotify.


“Stylus™, a music application specially designed for leading music streaming service Spotify, premiered today as a fun, easy and exciting way for listeners to explore and discover the best of classic and contemporary jazz from among an essential database of over 1,200 titles.” It’s important to note as well that the titles they have included are not solely from the Concord catalog, they range many different labels and periods in music. Concord also partnered with Jazztimes for regular updates. ”Whether it’s providing recommendations for the most interesting new releases or sharing Artist’s Choice playlists from the publication, JazzTimes is committed to supporting this app that is certain to enhance the listening experience for jazz and music fans,” JazzTimes publisher Lee Mergner said. Check out a preview of the new Stylus app below: