Revive Music Group founder Meghan Stabile was profiled in the New York Times by John Leland this past weekend in a piece detailing both her upbringing as well as a few days in her life as she prepared for the Revive Big Band’s performance with tap legend Savion Glover as a part of the Blue Note Jazz Festival, various nightly concerts and jams in New York City, and planning for her upcoming role as record producer for Blue Note Records. New to this facet of New York’s live music scene, Leland detailed what he saw to be a “curious mission” of melding the hip-hop and jazz communities and while that hits on part of our mission, it goes much further than just the confines of the words “jazz” and “hip-hop.” Check out some excerpts from the profile below and be sure to continue visiting the site and coming out to the shows for the full experience!

New York Times

Credit: Piotr Redlinski for The New York Times


The Making of a Modern Impresario—New York Times

Leland dissecting his observations on Stabile:

“Ms. Stabile, who stands five feet tall, with a sweep of straightened brown hair pinned and tucked behind one ear, is a woman on a curious mission: to make jazz matter to the hip-hop generation, and to do so as a young woman in a jazz world dominated by older men, at a time when both jazz itself and the recording industry feel decreasingly relevant. In the last year and a half, she has emerged as a presence around the city — booking, promoting, cajoling, advising and herding young musicians, many of whom are still finding their way.”

Pictures from Leland’s Profile of Revive Music’s Meghan Stabile

Don Was (President of Blue Note Records) on Meghan Stabile

“‘I needed an education about where the exciting new things were happening,’ said Mr. Was, who was half of the hit group Was (Not Was) and has produced albums by Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones, among others. ‘So I started going online, four or five hours a night.’ What he found was a generation of young jazz musicians who were equally comfortable with the rap world, eager to reach its larger audience. ‘And invariably,’ Mr. Was said, “every thread I was following led back to Meghan’s site. So night after night, she appeared to be at the center of the energy.'”

The Making of a Modern Impresario—New York Times

Words by Eric Sandler (@ericsandler)


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