The Baylor Project is more then just a musical collaboration; it’s a marriage of two artists… literally. Drummer Marcus Baylor  (Yellow Jackets) and his wife, vocalist Jean Baylor formally of Zhane, have just released their first single “More In Love.” With a sound that is soulful, tasty, and emotionally authentic, The Baylor Project is a reflection of Marcus and Jean’s relationship both to music and to each other. Joining Mr. and Mrs. Baylor on the album is saxophonist Kenny Garrett, keyboardist Yuki Hirano (A.K.A. BigYuki), bassist D.J.  Ginyard, pianist /organist Shedrick Mitchell, and percussionist Pablo Batista. Clearly rooted in the improvisatory traditions of Jazz, Blues, R&B, and Gospel “More In Love” is good ol’ grits and gravy, feel good music.

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Words by Zeb Stern


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