UK artist Lack of Afro premieres the first single, “Recipe for Love,” off his upcoming album Music for Adverts. His fourth album from Freestyle Records (UK), it is set to be released on March 3rd, 2014.  Playing all of the instruments on his new release, Lack of Afro (AKA Adam Gibbons) has harnessed disparate musical styles ranging from funk to soul to hip-hop, creating a contemporary-yet-vintage musical escapade of superb songs. Gibbons  has been at the forefront of the nu-funk/soul scene in Europe for the last half a dozen years and will be touring Europe with a 5-piece band, all of whom are all multi-instrumentalists. This is the kind of love we’re hungry for.


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  • Kaveat

    Excellent to see Lack of Afro return! Loving this new stuff!