We seriously cannot get enough of the Kris BowersHistory of Jazz Piano video! In 11 speedy and hilarious minutes, Bowers takes us from Scott Joplin to Robert Glasper and beyond. Together with CDZA, known for it’s YouTube history series and video music experiments, Kris covers about 100 years of jazz history in a fun tongue-in-cheek presentation of piano styles. And wait! Holdup! Is that the keytar?!

Now folks, we’ve seen some heated debates in a few comment sections about omissions and factual errors. We get it, and well, facts are facts. However, we love that the video has so many people talking about history, legends, icons, and a full range of styles like stride, bebop, funk, soul, and more. Plus, did we mention it’s hilarious?

Bowers’ innovative approach and experimentation with style and technique are part of what make him one of the hottest young artists around. His cover of Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortus”, the way Bowers plays with composition styles and technology while deftly moving across genres and generations, had heads spinning and nodding at the same time. Still, along with everything else that keeps his music so fresh, this latest video highlights one of his equally impressive attributes– the man has a great sense of humor!

Don’t forget to check out Kris Bowers’ latest album Heroes + Misfit and hear for yourself why Bowers is always one to watch! In the meantime, head over to our good friends at A Blog Supreme to read more. Enjoy!


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