Space Captain is back just in time for summer with their newest track, “Remedy.” We debuted the Brooklyn-based collective’s last single, “Easier” a few months ago and introduced Maralisa Simmons-Cook (vocals), Gray Hall (guitar), Mike Haldeman (guitar), Alex Pyle (bass), and Donnie Spackman (drums). Joining Space Captain on “Remedy” are Lessie Vonner (trumpet), Nathaniel Vito (vibes), and Chris Jeffries (bass).

While Space Captain’s newest track features many of the same aesthetics that fans came to love about the collective when they first heard “Easier,” the new single also showcases their ability to find a balance between sample-based production and the live instrumental aspect of the music. Guitarist Gray Hall had this to say about the newest track:

“Everyone involved definitely blessed the song in their own ways. As more and more people began to play, the song became more creative and had more depth to it [from] when it was first imagined.”

We’re definitely thankful that the amazing minds at Space Captain came together to bless us with this new track. Keep your eyes locked here at Revive for news about Space Captain’s forthcoming debut EP, which is set to be released later this year. In the meanwhile, scroll down and stream “Remedy.”


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