There are times when an album stream, a SoundCloud link, or a video drops in our laps that we immediately hold our hands over our mugs to hide the ugly, ugly stank face that comes five seconds after we press play. The latest of these stank-face bearing songs comes from Kris Bowers‘ live video performance of “Wake the Neighbors,” a cut from Heroes + Misfits.


Wake The Neighbors

Photo Credit: Janette Beckman

Joining Bowers in the video are Kenneth Whalum III (sax), Solomon Dorsey (bass), Jamire Williams (drums), and the song’s co-writer, Adam Agati (guitar). The video captures Bowers and the band at the Bootleg Bar in Los Angeles for the Heroes + Misfits album release party that took place on March 13th. Even though we weren’t present in sunny Los Angeles for Bowers’ album release party to give you the full scoop, we’re guessing – based on the video – that it was a memorable night for the crowd and the members on the bandstand as well. While Bowers is the leader of the group, Adam Agati, who co-wrote “Wake The Neighbors,” steals the show. It’s not easy to develop a story with sound, but Agati provides the audience with a masterclass on how to arc a solo. That being said, it’s not always about the soloist, unless of course if it’s a solo instrumental performance. But when you’ve got a rhythm section with names like Bowers, Dorsey, and Williams to back you up, arcing solos and developing a story by having a conversation with your bandmates becomes an easier task.

Check out Bowers, Whalum, Dorsey, and Williams go for blood at Bootleg Bar in this video for “Wake The Neighbors.” Make sure to purchase your copy of Heroes + Misfitsavailable now via Concord Records.

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