We said that we would give ya’ll the the first part of the documentary The Last Stop on the 4 Train when we dropped the trailer last week. Because we’re women and men of our words, we’re pleased to inform you that the wait is over and you can finally catch the Last Stop on the 4 Train. Follow the journey of emcee/visionary John Robinson, jazz enthusiast/radio DJ, Thomas Simmons, and vocalist T.C. III (son of Trudy Pitts and Bill “Mr. C” Carney) as they ride the 4 train to it’s final destination in the Bronx. The trio’s documented journey is a pilgrimage to Woodlawn Cemetery; the final resting place for legendary jazz masters like Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Coleman HawkinsJackie McLeanMax RoachMilt JacksonLionel Hampton and more.

Video Premiere: John Robinson's Last Stop on the 4 Train

Last Stop on the 4 Train is a film about the conversations and stories led by three music gurus as they pay homage by visiting the grave sites of jazz’s greatest masters. The film is a love letter to the power of music folklore as told by music lovers. The goal of the film is to bridge the gap between generations of hip-hop and jazz music interwoven through many classic tracks. By taking a look at the body of work of key figures, The Last Stop on the 4 Train features cross-genre similarities of the music journey as a whole.

Scroll below to catch the premiere of the Last Stop on the 4 Train. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled here for all the latest details about the documentary.

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4 Replies to "Video Premiere: John Robinson’s ‘Last Stop on the 4 Train’"
July 23, 2014 at 2:47 pm

Give thanks Revive for believing in our expression. We only want to glorify the greatness of some of the masters 🙂

Jasmine Visita says:
July 23, 2014 at 7:18 pm

all I can say is I think it is a great one and I know it will going to hit in the music market so Congratulations to you Mr.John Robinson:-) keep it up doing like this.

Ginger Dee says:
July 26, 2014 at 7:36 am

Great job Gentleman! Cant wait to see/hear more. G

Robert J. Carmack says:
August 3, 2014 at 8:34 pm

Excellent Jazz Doc and in the words of “true hipsters” who know, follow, and study the art form. One can only be proud that someone other than the the “Hip Squares” putting their commercial ilk on things. I’m looking forward to reviewing the whole piece. I loving the gritty,improvisational slant, the narrators and director uses to their advantage. validating the artistry of the piece… Carry on Fellows! R.J. Carmack – Hipster Sanctuary.Com

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