We are proud to present the second part of John Robinson‘s Last Stop on the 4 Train. This documentary highlights Robinson’s pilgrimage to the Bronx’s Woodlawn Cemetery, which is the final resting place for many jazz legends. Joining Robinson are jazz enthusiast/radio DJ, Thomas Simmons, and vocalist T.C. III (son of Trudy Pitts and Bill “Mr. C” Carney). This week’s episode highlights the trio’s conversations about one of bebop’s leading pioneers, Max Roach.

Video Premiere: 'Last Stop on the 4 Train (Max Roach)'

Join Robinson, Simmons, and T.C. III as they discuss some of their favorite Max Roach records including, We Insist!, Members Don’t Git Weary, and Sonny Rollins’ iconic, Saxophone Colossus. Watch as the trio explore the many interwoven stories from different masters from Kenny ClarkeClifford Brown, and T.C. III’s recollection of when he met Hank Mobley

Scroll below to watch the second episode of Last Stop on the 4 Train. Stay tuned for the next episode of this series. For those in the ATL area, head over to Studio 281 for a a special screening of Last Stop on the 4 Train as well as a Q & A session with John Robinson and Thomas Simmons. For more info, click here.

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