Get a towel, a hoodie, and/or anything else that can cover your mug because we just rounded up three of the nastiest stank-face bearing videos on this side of the interwebs. The three videos in question are from pianist George Burton’s appearance at Small’s, drummer extraordinaire Dana Hawkins’ Vic Firth Performance Highlight, and James Casey’s latest project, Animus Rexx. We could talk more and more about each one, but we all know that most of you don’t actually read what we have to say so scroll down to watch this week’s Video Roundup. (No hard feelings, I skip straight to the videos and music on other sites as well.)

George Burton Quintet – “Stuck In The Crack” 

To kick of our very first Video Roundup, we would like to present to you all a live performance of George Burton’s quintet hitting at Small’s. The video features Burton alongside Terrell Stafford (trumpet), Tim Warfield (sax), Wayne Smith Jr. (drums), and Noah Jackson (bass) playing an original penned by the bandleader titled “Stuck In The Crack.”

Animus Rexx – “Terminal” 

From a hard hitting, breakneck tempo solos to breakbeats, the next video features saxophonist James Casey’s newest project, Animus Rexx. While Casey might be known as that dude who sounds real nice on Lettuce and Soulive tracks, “Terminal” showcases James Casey going to town on the SP-404. Joining Casey on “Terminal” are some familiar faces that you might have heard of, including BIGYUKI (keys), Justin Tyson (drums), Randy Runyon (guitar), and Reuben Cainer (bass). PS, if you like what you’re hearing, then head over to Rockwood on November 17th to catch Animus Rexx for free.99. For more info about James Casey’s Animus Rexx, click here.

Dana Hawkins – “Finale”

If you haven’t done so, then you really, really ought to check out Dana Hawkins’ videos with Evan Marien – like this one! Although Marien doesn’t make an appearance in Hawkins’ Vic Firth Performance Spotlight, it is important to note that the song “Finale” that Hawkins is rocking to in the video appears on Marien’s latest album, We Are All You.

Did we miss your favorite artist who released a video this week? Email us at to let us know what you’re checking out and who we should feature next. Serious inquiries only. I will personally spam your email with “Word of the day” definitions if we get any kitten videos. 


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