Aja Burrell Wood, one of our contributors, said it best during her intro for a Capsulocity video entitled “We Cant Breathe.”

“Here at Revive, we celebrate jazz as a rich art form deeply rooted in African American tradition and culture. We also understand jazz as a community and, like many across this nation, we have been outraged about the continued injustice and police brutality due to systemic racism and intentional targeting of Black lives in communities nationwide.”

VICE Video: José James -  'Peace Power Change'

It is in that same spirit and vein that we present “Peace Power Change,” José James’ newest video that premiered via VICE.  The video features James giving a stunning rendition of Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come” as well cameos from notable artists in and out of the music community. Talia Bilig, the video’s director, breaks down the video during an interview with Cafe.com:

“In this video, I knew that I wanted artists holding up signs with their own messages, and I knew I wanted filming to be extremely simple. We decided on three simple shots per artist. I also pushed hard for everyone to write their own sign, instead of us bringing in a graphic designer. I wanted the signs to be as close to spoken messages as possible. This meant that heading into the project we didn’t know exactly what we were going to get, or what people were going to say. It allowed the project to grow organically, which is ideal for me.”

Scroll down to watch “Peace Power Change.” Head over to VICE for more about the video.

“There is no art without intention.” – Duke Ellington


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