Only a handful of iconic venues from jazz history are still operating. The Village Vanguard is one of them. It has survived for 80 years, playing exclusively jazz music since 1957. Dozens of classic recordings have been made there, including masterpieces like Bill Evans‘ “Live At The Village Vanguard” or Sonny Rollins‘ “A Night At The Village Vanguard”. One time Blue Note president Bruce Lundvall is quoted as saying, “The words ‘Live at the Village Vanguard’ do have a direct and positive influence on an album’s sales,” which makes sense considering the energy of the music at the club captured on record. The club also helped launch careers such as that of Thelonious Monk and still features the Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra, which eventually became the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, on Monday nights.

jason moran 1
As it celebrates its 80th anniversary, the venue has looked to pianist Jason Moran to curate the celebration. As noted in an interview featured in TimeOut, the cutting-edge artist is a great choice because, “Moran’s work nods to his influences while rethinking their context.” Moran has created a program that will pay tribute to the many different types of art that were featured at the club during its 80 year history including poetry, comedy, and of course a lot of beautiful music. The six day event will take place at the Vanguard from March 10-15. Head over to TimeOut to check out the full article about Moran’s program and more info about the concert.


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