There was a buzz of excitement back in December ’13 when Jesse Fishcer and Sly5thAve held their tribute concert in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Herbie Hancock‘s seminal Head Hunters LP. Fast forward two years later and the Brooklyn-based duo is back with the forthcoming release of Vein Melter, a 4-track EP borne out of Fischer and Sly5thAve’s shared love for Herbie.”The original Head Hunters LP was one of those records that made me want to push further,” comments Sly. “It came at a time when I was first discovering the world of improvised music and really got me excited about the different possibilities. It was in that spirit we re-imagined these songs in a more modern day context.”

While tribute albums are always a bold move due to the inevitable comparisons that will be drawn between the re-interpretation and the original, Vein Melter manages to maintain fresh new elements while being rooted to it’s 1973 predecessor. Jesse Fischer helps put it into perspective:

What really made ‘Head Hunters’ special is that it represented a conscious decision for Herbie and the band to create music that was relevant to what regular people were listening and dancing to in 1973 (not just jazz critics or other musicians). So even though it may have been meaningful for us to cover those songs in an “authentic” way, I think it’s more truly authentic for us to re-create the tunes in a way that reaches people today, in 2015.

Scroll down to listen to Jesse Fischer and Sly5thAve’s Vein Melter in its entirety ahead of its May 18th release. Pre-order your digital copy of the EP on iTunes. Wax heads can cop the 12” physical of Vein Melter via bandcamp.


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