Israeli-born saxophonist Jonathan Greenstein has a unique and exciting take on what it means to be a modern saxophonist. He has studied with contemporary giants like Eric Harland, Joe Lovano, and Shai Maestro. Not only does his sound incorporate a wide range of musical influences, but his approach to creating and releasing music is similarly broad and forward thinking.

After releasing his debut record Thinking on the Fresh Sound: New Talent label, he has continued to expand his sonic palette by including rock, hip-hop, and other influences in his music. Inspired by the availability of the many opportunities to self-produce and release music– as many indie artists are doing– Greenstein has released a series of Youtube videos, a mixtape, and he plans to release two EPs this year.

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The first, aptly titled Vol 1, consists of one cover (a Bjork song) and five originals. It features guitarist Gilad Hekselman, pianist Victor Gould, bassist Or Bareket, and drummer Mark Whitfield Jr. In the spirit of the indie music that inspires him, Jonathan Greenstein has put together a killing arrangement of Radiohead‘s “The Tourist” from their classic OK Computer. The band features everyone that will be on the Vol 1 EP, minus Hekselman. We here at Revive are truly excited to be able to premiere this arrangement. Scroll down to check out the video.


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