“Sonacy” is an undefined derivative of sound where the lines between genres are blurred. It takes place where the heart, mind and soul come together and meet to breathe new dimensions and possibilities for musicians and listeners alike. Marching past commonplace conventions into newfound territory, sonacy harkens to the supreme, transcendent common denominator that every musical tradition shares. It is this aesthetic and its creators who have been at the heart of REVIVE’s mission for almost a decade.

REVIVE has been at the forefront of one of the most important artistic advocacy initiatives in this brave new world of the music industry, serving as the bridge between a community of cross-generational artists and audiences worldwide. Today, at the brink of our ten-year mark, we are proud to present the very spirit of our trademark on wax with the forthcoming release of Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1. Donning the responsibility of executive producer, Stabile rounded up our family of musicians consisting of Igmar Thomas, Marc Cary Marcus Strickland, Raydar Ellis,Christie Dashiell, Casey Benjamin, Terry Slingbaum, Brandee Younger, Keyon Harrold, Maurice Brown, Jaleel Shaw, Ray Angry, Ben Williams (Courtesy of Concord Records), Chris Potter, James Genus, and the legendary Jeff “Tain” Watts to name a few.

SupremeSonacy_cover_1500x1500 (1)
The all-star lineup that make up Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 serves as our narrative, which is steeped in the importance of community and realization for a balance between tradition and innovation. It is a project where the present stands on the shoulders of the past for inspiration and where tradition welcomes innovation. Regardless of the numerous contributors in the album, it is unified by one singular sound where the past and the present walk hand-in-hand to the future.

Born from a giant leap of faith, Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 is the first compilation album to be released from Blue Note Records. Under the baton of Don Was, Blue Note stands to make history yet again during its 75-year reign as this idiom’s champion sound.”REVIVE is positioned at the heart of this decade’s progressive music,” shares Blue Note President, Don Was. “I can think of no better way to honor the tradition of Blue Note Records than to associate ourselves with such a forward-looking, activist organization.” While REVIVE looks to the past for inspiration, Blue Note and Don Was look to REVIVE for innovation.

Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 drops August 7th 

Track Listing:
“A Supreme Welcome (Intro)”
“Trane Thang/Pinocchio” – Igmar Thomas feat. Marc Cary
“All Aboard (Raydar Ellis Remix / Interlude)”
“Let’s Wait Awhile” – Marcus Strickland & Christie Dashiell
“Water Games/Ravel Re-Imagined” – Slingbaum feat. Eldar, Casey Bejamin, Troy Roberts and BIGYUKI, Vicente Archer and Mark Colenburg
“808s in France (Interlude)” – Slingbaum
“The Procrastinator” – Keyon Harrold, Maurice Brown & Jaleel Shaw
“Playing Catch Up (Raydar Ellis Remix / Interlude)” – Keyon Harrold, Maurice Brown & Jaleel Shaw
“Dorothy Jeanne” – Brandee Younger
“For My DJ (Raydar Ellis Remix / Interlude)” – Brandee Younger
“Celebration of Life Suite: Awareness & Revolution” – Ray Angry feat. Nadia Washington & Chris Potter
“Celebration of Life Suite: Awakening” – Ray Angry feat. The Council of Goldfinger
“Drop Confetti Then We Jetti (Raydar Ellis Remix / Interlude)” – Ray Angry
“A Wally’s Good Night”


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