We continue our ongoing series of showcasing the musicians who helped make Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) possible by giving some love to the pianists featured on the record. While we’re almost certain that you’ve heard of most of these musicians, as a lot of them have appeared in many Revive-related events, reading through this list also gives you a chance to see what each pianist has contributed to the making of this album.

Marc Cary

With 12 albums as a leader under his belt, there’s no doubt that Marc Cary carries veteran status. Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2, his latest album released earlier this year via Motema, once again highlighted Cary’s versatility alongside his ability to create intricate musical tapestries. Cary appears on the opening track of Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) laying down the harmonies for “Trane Thang/Pinocchio,” which we’re certain you’ve heard as it’s the the music that plays at the landing page of our website.

Christian Sands

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While only in his mid 20’s, Christian Sands has a CV that exceeds beyond his years. Sands has shared the stage and studio with Wynton Marsalis, Stefon Harris, Terence Blanchard and more. More recently, Sands landed the piano chair in Christian McBride‘s Inside Straight band. Christian Sands can be heard behind the Rhodes in Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1)‘s second single, “Let’s Wait Awhile.”


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Slingbaum appropriately introduced Eldar as a “master of our time,” back in June 8th during the second Supreme Sonacy Satellite Concert at the Blue Note. As the band hit modern adaptation of Ravel’s “Jeux d’eau,” it was clear to see that Slingbaum’s introduction of Eldar was far from a hyperbole. He appears during Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1)‘s re-imagination of “Water Games” where he can be heard displaying his Tatum-esque virtuosity.

Kris Bowers

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Things like solo prepared piano covers of Kendrick Lamar’s “Rigamortis” has given Kris Bowers a crossover appeal that’s steadily growing. Apart from his duties as one of today’s leading pianists, Bowers has also shown his ability as a film composer, notably during the Showtime documentary, Kobe Bryant’s Muse. He can be heard manning the piano bench in SS (Vol. 1)‘s cover of Lee Morgan‘s “The Procrastinator.”

Watch Bowers and Sands turn the piano into a half-keyboard-half-beat-machine in their duo of “Ain’t Misbehavin” on Capsulocity

Ray Angry

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With a CV that boasts performance credits behind some of the most legendary names in music from Ms. Lauryn Hill, The Roots, and D’Angelo to name a few, Raymond Angry closes out Supreme Sonacy (Vol. 1) with his three-part “Celebration of Life Suite.” Backed by Jeff “Tain” Watts on the drums, bassist James Genus, saxophonist Chris Potter, Daru Jones on electric drums and Nadia Washington on the vocals, Angry’s “Celebration of Life Suite” recalls the three stages of life that every individual goes through: Awareness, Revolution & Awakening. Read more about Angry during our 2014 interview with the man himself.

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