Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah To Release 'Stretch Music' Album  On Sept. 18th

Artistic luminary Christian Scott is set to release his newest album, Stretch Music, on September 18th. Scott’s forthcoming Ropeadope release follows his critically acclaimed 2012 double album, Christian aTunde Adjuah. The new album is in reference to the new musical expression called “Stretch Music,” that Scott helped usher into the mainstream. Stretch Music is a genre-blind musical form that attempts to “stretch” the components of traditional jazz idioms. Scott explains the concept behind the new album in his website:

I have heard some describe our approach as “stretch,” or calling what we play, “stretch music.” It’s true that we are attempting to stretch—not replace—Jazz’s rhythmic, melodic and harmonic conventions to encompass as many musical forms/languages/cultures as we can. My core belief is that no form of expression is more valid than any other. This belief has compelled me to attempt to create a sound that is genre blind in its acculturation of other musical forms, languages, textures, conventions and processes. This is done as a means of extending the dialogue of the human condition across the lines of cultural and genre based barriers. As an example, if I take five people from completely different cultural/linguistic backgrounds and put them in a room with an objective of collective participation, they are going to have to reevaluate the way they communicate. They are going to have to learn to communicate in a way that is clear to one another in order to achieve their goal. It is as much a philosophy as a musical approach—diplomacy in music if you will. Recognizing that all points of view are in fact legitimate, and from there, choosing to learn to communicate in a way where you can reach a consensus.

This is what you will hear on our recordings; a stretching of Jazz, not a replacement. And this is what I hope younger people will be able to take away from it as well: the idea that innovation should never be regarded as a problem in artistic practice, that one should always be aware of what has come before, and finally, that criticisms shouldn’t evoke paralysis, they should inspire action.

Head to Christian Scott’s Bio/Concept page on his site to read more about Stretch Music and the story behind its development. Stay tuned for the latest Christian Scott news.


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