On November 20th,guitarist Marcus Machado released his debut EP ’29’.Check out our favorite track off the EP, “New Thangz (ft. DJ Spinna).

It begins with just a beat, and quickly builds from there. It has a weighted kick-snare pattern that both pulls the listener in while still propelling the beat forward. The heavy kick drags you deep into the feel of the beat, while the sharp clap of the snare snaps you forward into the next bar. Amidst all this is a constant sizzle of cymbals that hums along with the pulse of the rhythm. Then, with a very D’Angelo-esque air, in come quick bursts of staccato rhythm guitar, framed by piano chords. Shortly after, the introduction of brief guitar riffs is offset by gasps of horns. In a world where horns tend to devour attention on a track, these horns instead leave space for the true star of the track: Machado and his guitar. With a vocal line that throws its way back to 90s R&B, and contrasting rock guitar line that really drives the piece forward, this recording is a crockpot of Machado‘s influences – and he’s cooking up a tasty stew. Listeners can hear the funk, R&B, blues, hip-hop, and jazz that have played a major role in forming his style. Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and Led Zeppelin (among many others) crop up throughout the piece. In fact, in the second half, one could argue that Machado‘s guitar solo speaks the language of Coltrane with the way it harmonically twists & turns and ventures into stratospheric registers. As a whole, it’s a track that keeps you cozy in the beat while still keeping you on the edge of your seat.

If you caught our repost of Machado’s single “Rockout” from Rolling Stone earlier this week, you’ll notice the clear multiplicity of his sound. “Rockout” hails from a Hendrixian camp, whereas “New Thangz” seems to spring from D’Angelo’s neo-soul of the late-90s. Yet both scream “Marcus Machado.” For more sides of this adventurous young player, be sure to check out his new EP 29.


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