Take one cup of jazz, add a dash of funk, 3 hearty spoonfuls of R&B, and a scrumptious swirl of soul. Now, top it off with a touch of Prince, and what is the result? A trio with some serious celestial groove up their sleeves. KING, the brainchild of twins Paris & Amber Strother and their ‘musical sister’ Anita Bias, is back at it again. The group, whose 2011 EP The Story gained critical mainstream attention, has announced that their debut album, We Are KING, will be released February 6th, 2016.


However, don’t assume that the ladies of KING have been inactive since The Story; they have been releasing a myriad of new material, all while working diligently on their upcoming album. Their single, “Mister Chameleon,” landed on Billboard’s “10 Best R&B Songs of 2014,” and was featured on sites such as Okayplayer and Life+Times. They have collaborated with jazz greats on tracks such as “Move Love” with the Robert Glasper Experiment and “Right at the Core” with vocalist Bilal. Perhaps most impressive is their association with Prince himself. The soul-pop pioneer came across them on Youtube, and subsequently asked them to open for him on his tour. Since then, KING has been hard at work on the album, which the group discussed with NPR‘s Audie Cornish on All Things Considered in September of last year. During the interview, the KING producer Paris Strother explained, “we really wanted to challenge the notion of what people think about when they think of who’s in charge. We wrote all of our own music, produced everything — on the creation side, but on the business side, too, we were handling everything ourselves. It felt like we were the king of our own musical kingdom, so I think that was the genesis of the name.” Indeed, the album is being released on their independent label, KING Creative, and is sure to live up to the group’s name.

In the meantime, check out the trailer for the forthcoming release below, and be on the lookout for this powerhouse trio’s We Are KING in February of next year.


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