Following the success of his 2014 album CHURCH, broken beat maestro Mark de-Clive Lowe has been drawing crowds to witness the spectacle that is CHURCH –  a series of collaborations with MdCL at its heart. The CHURCH Summer Sessions are no exception to the standard of excellence each show churns out. Himself a wizard of gear and master of keys, de-Clive Lowe features up and coming artists and producers in the new generation of jazz to meld the music of acoustics and electronics. The CHURCH set at L.A.’s Grand Star Jazz Club two weeks ago showcased the latest from MdCL’s fingertips alongside renowned producers & DJs 14KT, Stro, Seano, and Carlos Niño. Prior to the show, de-Clive Lowe gave Revive exclusive access to some of what he and 14KT + Stro crafted in rehearsal, but thanks to Boiler Room TV, audiences can now access the video stream of the live show. For those who weren’t lucky enough to make to the set, or for those who just want to re-live the magic, check it out in full below.

Head over to Boiler Room for access to more shows, and keep up to date with the latest from Mark de-Clive Lowe and CHURCH here.


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