Afraid of the things that go bump in the night? How about carnivorous koala bears that drop from trees? Dropbears, endearingly known as “Killer Koalas,” are rumored to prowl the upper branches of Australian trees, viciously waiting for passing victims. Of course, no such creature exists, but the tales of these furry ferocities have been passed through generations of Australian folklore to scare kids and campers alike. Few have been seen, even fewer have been heard. Thankfully saxophonist Adison Evans has composed a grooving tune inspired by these little guys, which she calls “Dropbear Boogaloo.” The track kicks off her debut album Hero with a bang, swirling through the mischievous sounds of these vicious reveries with playful ease. With Adison Evans wailing away on the baritone sax, Matthew Jodrell on trumpet and flugelhorn, Mathis Picard behind the piano, Dan Chmielinski on bass, and Roberto Giaquinto manning the drums, these little fictitious bears have inspired quite the tune. Catch a glimpse of the studio magic that went into Hero with this behind the scenes live performance of  “Dropbear Boogaloo.”

Hero, Adison Evans‘s debut album, earned her praise from countless publications and audiences alike. CJ Shearn of Jazz Views called Evans “and an inspiration for women everywhere to pick up their instruments and claim equal footing with their male counterparts.” Hrayr Attarian at All About Jazz said she is “a creatively ambitious and immensely talented unique voice in modern music.” Indeed, the jazz world is changing for women. While the legacies of women such as Lil Hardin, Alice Coltrane, and Vi Redd don’t go forgotten, they are often overlooked. But in the new generation of jazz, women are crafting music ahead of the curve, certain to stake a claim in the next chapter of this music’s history. Young players look to players such as Esperanza Spalding, Chelsea BaratzLakecia Benjamin, and now Adison Evans – who got her start alongside fellow female powerhouse Beyoncé – as examples. Be sure to make it out to Club Bonafide on July 29th to catch Evans live and in action – tickets and more info available here.



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