Chances are you’ve heard of Emily King, even if you’re not hip to her incredible new album The Switch (yet). The record, among other things, really showcases King’s talent as a songwriter. While her inimitable style ties the album together, each composition has a unique identity. “Believer,” really stands out among these. Arguably the most danceable track on The Switch, it features a Prince-esque melody on top of a bouncy synth bass and beautiful production.

Regular readers will also be familiar with Pianist/composer/ producer Jesse Fischer, whether from his work with Sly5thAve on their Veinmelter EP or from his solo projects, like his latest Day Dreamer. Fischer is as prolific as he is talented.  When not composing or leading a project, he finds the time to create memorable remixes. They always use the spirit of the original composition to create a fresh take on whatever it is he’s listening to, whether it’s Takuya Kuroda, Gregory Porter or his latest (did you guess it already?), Emily King’s “Believer”.


Fischer takes the infectious groove from “Believer” to it’s logical conclusion. In King’s version, acoustic instruments are front and center. In Fischer’s remix they are replaced with a variety of warm synths, filters and other heavily produced sounds. While the sounds he uses are more electronic, the melody is always front and center, making it a fun yet loyal tribute to King’s beautiful composition. Check it out after the jump.



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