Producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Derrick Hodge is set to follow up Live Today, his widely beloved solo debut album, with the aptly titled The Second LP. Due for a release on August 26 via Blue Note Records, The Second showcases Hodge stretching out his imagination and the pushing the capabilities of the modern studio by taking on the role of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer in one record.

Photo Credit: Chris Baldwin

Photo Credit: Chris Baldwin

The reliable low-end anchorman has had a busy calendar since the release of his first album, serving as a producer on several major releases including Otis Brown III The Thought of You as well as Kendrick Scott‘s We Are The Drum, lending his bass on a host of records — he can’t even remember how many he’s appeared on since then, as well as his assuming his responsibilities as a musical director for Maxwell.

While all that might activity might detract an artist from focusing on a record, Hodge was able to use all his experience and dial it into the perfect sophomore record. Not only does The Second pick off where Live Today left off by sharing the same cinematic qualities as it’s predecessor, but also manages to expand upon many of the thematic elements and soundscapes that fans have come to expect out of Derrick Hodge.

Case in point: the sophomore record’s title track, which has to go down as one of the most breathtaking openings for an album in recent memory. Rocking the piano himself, Hodge sets up a hauntingly pensive mood under RGX bandmate Mark Colenburg’s hard-hitting drums. The song then evolves to a more hopeful vibe as Hodge gets wax poetic on the fretboard and highlights why he’s considered one of our generation’s premier bass players.

Scroll down below and listen to the pain-achingly beautiful title track to Derrick Hodge’s forthcoming The Second LP. Hit command-D or control-shift-b (depending on your compudroid of choice) and keep it locked right here for an upcoming tell-all interview with Hodge himself.

Pre-order The Second here.


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