In a time fragmented by constant strife and uncertainty, it’s refreshing to be able to turn to art as a refuge. But this is an especially frightful epoch that we live in as news of police gunning down innocent Black citizens in this country has rapidly become commonplace. Add to that a strange — to say the least — election year, multiple crises overseas, the very dire and real threat of global warming, and art being just a shelter doesn’t seem like it’s enough. But often times — as evidenced by our collective human history — great works of art have also served as the catalyst to inspire and spark the events that incite change toward a positive direction. Vocalist and composer Sarah Elizabeth Charles‘s latest single, “March To Revolution,” is an example of the latter description. Not only does her newest cut sound amazing, but it also explores the deep problems of our current time while providing an alternative solution.

Video: Sarah Elizabeth Charles Drops Stunning Visuals For "March To Revolution"
“I’ve taken a lot of time to explore my creative identity and make a statement in regards to who I am as a person. This will be ever-evolving in and of itself of course. But I feel the need to now speak to something larger than myself,” Charles explains. “There is so much happening today both in our world and right here in our own country. Battles rooted in war, racial identity, cultural practice, wealth, religion, education, etc. are being fought. The front lines of these fights seem to be growing closer to us all every day.”

“As artists, we have an opportunity to have our voices heard in a unique way and with “March To Revolution” I’m choosing to share my thoughts and feelings about the danger that lies in a lack of empathy and an unwillingness to recognize one’s own bias. It’s been enormously helpful for me in my own life to recognize my own bias. We all have it and my lyrics speak to that and call for a revolution…specifically a revolution of love. It must sound a bit crazy and unrealistic, right, a revolution of love? I don’t believe that it is though. We’re living in a scary time and with this track and video I’ve decided that I want to stand for something. I’m scared of what the future holds. I believe that kindness, intelligence and open communication is the path to peace, strength and understanding. I believe that hate and intolerance is the root of stagnation and violence. I believe that in order to move forward as a society and as human beings, we have to take the time and choose to accept and learn from one another.”

Watch Sarah Elizabeth Charles’s call to action in “March To Revolution” below.

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