Lightly put, we’re living in perilous times. Wish there was another way to put it, but with a president acting more like a despotic dictator instead of a governing a democracy, things kind of look bleek. That being said, there is still space for beauty even in the midst of ugliness around us. “‘Destination Hope’ represents a place of encouragement and inclusion in place of resentment and division, a place where there is no racism or discrimination,” trumpeter Maurice Brown states about the lead single from his forthcoming release, The Mood.


Maurice Brown

Photo Credit: Deneka Peniston

“It’s very easy to get caught up in the negativity and that leads to hopelessness,” explains Brown. “In these trying times, I sought to create a mood that would uplift people and give them a sense of hope. The destination is in the journey to get there; to actively & compassionately stand up for something better for ourselves & future generations is to cultivate hope.” Featuring Chris Turner and J. Ivy, “Destination Hope” offers a respite from the heaviness of today’s socio-political storm. Strap on your favorite headphones and transport yourself to a higher dimension with Maurice Brown’s “Destination Hope.”


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