Every now and then we get to share something so beautiful and exquisite that it pains us to actually have to need to accompany the music with words. Such is the case for “Lovers Reverie,” Gerald Clayton‘s gorgeous new single from his forthcoming Motéma release, Tributary Tales. Slated for an April 21st release date, Tributary Tales draws the comparison of stories that merge with a greater narrative of scattered origins to streams that flow into a greater body of water.

“I feel like the various encounters in my life are in their own way tributaries — like every trip is somehow an opportunity to discover a new type of bend in the river,” Clayton explains. “The various places, people, foods and cultures I’ve been able to experience in my travels, all the musicians I gathered for this project and all the songs I’ve written — there’s a feeling of connectedness between them, even though they’re all their own separate entities.”

Photo Credit: Keith Major

Backed by pillars of this generation’s vanguard, Tributary Tales enjoys contribution from saxophonists Logan Richardson, Dayna Stephens and Ben Wendel, bassist Joe Sanders, Justin Brown on the kit, and percussionists Henry Cole and Gabriel Lugo. Vocalist Sachal Vasandi also appears in Clayton’s forthcoming record as well as poets Carl Hancock Rux and Aja Monet who provide their spoken word talents in “Lovers Reverie.” Reflecting on the elusive idea of love, Rux and Monet hit an impressionist tone augmented by Clayton’s hauntingly beautiful horn arrangements and proves to be a masterclass in balancing each element within the tune. Whether it was something discussed by the band during rehearsals, the touch of an audio engineer, or Clayton’s overall vision, “Lovers Reverie” allows listeners to get lost in all the many different layers of the song. It’s almost like many different stories merging together to form a greater narrative… kind of like a tributary flowing into a greater body of water.

Grab your favorite pair of headphone, tune the noise from the outside world, and daydream with us in “Lovers Reverie.”


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