Coming straight from Uptown, six-piece collective Freelance is back with a brand new video for “Band Plays On.” Directed by Sebastian Prudent (of SP1 Films), the uptempo dance tune’s central message is a call for people everywhere leave it all on the dance floor — you know, kind of like this generation’s version of “Off The Wall.” Fronted by vocalist Tim Smith aka Smithsonean, Freelance also features the talents of Justin Tyson on drums, DJ Ginyard on bass, Chad Selph on keyboard, guitarist Yasser Tejeda, and Chad Hill on saxophone.

Video Premiere: Freelance Is Back With New Video For "Band Plays On"

Freelance’s latest release comes ahead of the band’s forthcoming full-length project, which records their unique journeys as artists and black men with the goal to inspire listeners and educate them with what’s going on in society. “The band’s goal is to make music that is empowering but still sounds relevant and is enjoyable,” Smithsonean reveals. “The songs should be mentally and spiritually challenging but still move people at a rhythmic level. Freelance represents a lifestyle and we hope that that shows in our music. We hope that people are able to understand that we’re pushing for people to be able to live freely, pursue their dreams, and not be held back by anything.”

The band certainly achieves moving listeners on a mental, spiritual, and definitely a rhythmic level with “Band Plays On” as the track’s infectious groove, Earth Wind & Fire-esque horn lines, and the ultra-memorable/singable chorus and hooks is guaranteed to stay in ya’lls ears for a long time. Blast them speakers and move your furniture around to make space for a make-shift dance floor wherever you are and watch the video for “Band Plays On” down below.


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