You’ve caught the name Alex Wintz around town before. The Brooklyn-based guitarist has been an important addition in groups like Etienne Charles and Creole Soul and Ben Williams Sound Effect. Recently Wintz hit the studio as he led an all-star group of musicians to record his debut album LifeCycle. Released today, May 19, via Etienne Charles’ Culture Shock label, Wintz’s debut effort features the talents of Lucas Pino on sax, drummer Jimmy MacBride, pianist Victor Gould, as well as Dave Baron and Ben Williams sharing bass duties.

In celebration of this momentous occasion we’re premiering “Seeing Distance,” just one of the many stellar performances documented in Wintz’s debut recording. “The catalyst behind ‘Seeing Distance’ is that place of longing as a traveling musician, to share the scenes and experiences of the road with your loved ones who can seem so far away at those times which are the most moving,” the guitarist tells Revive in an email exchange. Grounded by a slamming breakbeat from MacBride behind the kit, “Seeing Distance” serves a re-imagination of what Drum&Bass grooves could sound like when paired with acoustic instruments.

Exceptional solos are taken by the bandleader followed by Gould and Pino, each of them reaching for an apex that would make any listener stop what they’re doing and fully devote full his/her full attention the beautiful moment of music captured in this recording. After a brief breakdown where the band “gives the drummer some” and MacBride gets wax poetic with dem’ breakbeat chops, the song returns to the catchy melody sending audiences to a state of reverie.

As much as we enjoyed this track, it is important to remind — as with all single track premieres — that “Seeing Distance” is only one part to a larger story. That encompassing body of work in this case is Alex Wintz’s LifeCycle. So after you scroll down and listen to the new track, be sure to smash that iTunes link and cop the new record.

Purchase LifeCycle via iTunes.


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