SPIRIT FINGERS Debut Second Single "being" From Their Forthcoming Self-Titled Album, Out 03/16 via Shanachie Entertainment.

SPIRIT FINGERS debut the new single “being” from their forthcoming self-titled album. The record co-produced by Makaya McCraven is due to arrive on March 16 via Shanachie Entertainment. The latest composition from the quartet led by Chicago-bred pianist Greg Spero follows his final performance with Halsey‘s band on Saturday Night Live and the release of SPIRIT FINGERS’ cinematic lead single “inside,” which was recently premiered by WBGO. Much like its predecessor, “being” is a chameleonic groove anchored by impeccable arpeggios that rise and fall against a dense, driving rhythm. SPIRIT FINGERS is a well-oiled machine on both recordings, effortlessly balancing whimsical notions and melancholic chords with fiery percussive statements that capture the complex and bittersweet moments of life. Together with bassist Hadrien Feraud, drummer Mike Mitchell and guitarist Dario Chiazzolino, Spero embodies and ultimately elevates the band’s old Polyrhythmic moniker. Two singles in, it seems that their creative decision to take a more challenging approach to completion of the record may have yielded impressive results.

‘being’ was my first attempt at composing over the jagged rhythmic landscape that became the basis for Spirit Fingers’ compositions. I remember the night very clearly; I was on tour in the UK playing for Halsey, and growing very restless. The large scale tour life was exciting, but it became monotonous. The same green rooms, same food, same music, same tour bus, same people, night after night in a different town. My soul was craving something different, something to break me out of the patterns. There was so much discomfort and discord in the political landscape, which was setting the stage for the polarized and conflict-riddled environment we are living in today. Worry, stress, and foreboding feelings were resonating all around me. So one night, after our show, I decided to get off stage and go straight to the tour bus, and write something that didn’t make sense. I opened ableton, programmed a 17/16 beat, put it against a 4/4 pattern, and let it loop. Then I listened, over and over. I let the rhythmic discourse sink in until a melody came to me, and I did my best attempt at juxtaposing a melody that made sense over the two conflicting time signatures. It was a painful process at first, like splitting my brain into two, but eventually I found some comfort in the rhythmic dischord. I felt like had created something that matched the dischord I was feeling in my own heart. This became the basis for all compositions I wrote for the Spirit Fingers project.

Purchase SPIRIT FINGERS’ new single “being” via iTunes and Apple Music. Purchase “inside” via iTunes and Apple Music. Get more on SPIRIT FINGERS via shanachie.com.


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