Endless Waltz premieres the new single "Loose Ends" featuring Cass, Erica Bonnette and Cam '91 from their forthcoming debut 'Black Holes in the Light' EP, due late February 2018.

Electronic soul and future beats collective Endless Waltz premieres the new single “Loose Ends” from their forthcoming debut Black Holes in the Light EP, which is due to arrive March. The single from the project produced and recorded in Los Angeles between 2012 and 2016 features performances from vocalists Cass and Erica Bonnette, as well as a verse from MC Cam ’91. At once ethereal and hard-hitting, the single about truth and the meaning of life combines brilliant, feather-light harmonies with steady percussion and bright synths from guitarist Zac Burgenbauch and bassist Josh Engel. They are joined in the mix by drummer Brandon Combs and keyboardist Eddie Brown.

“Loose Ends” explores how there is no one true answer or reason in life. From our grandparents to our government to our loved ones, everyone seems to be making it up as we go. This song reflects on how, for better or worse, we exist in a state of perpetual loose ends, blindly following the warmth of the sun.

Stream “Loose Ends” below. Follow Endless Waltz via Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud for more.


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