Eddie Roberts and Alan Evans' jazz, funk & soul outfit 'Matador! Soul Sounds' premieres the new single "El Dorado" from their debut full-length album 'Get Ready.'

Eddie Roberts and Alan Evans‘ new jazz, funk and soul outfit Matador! Soul Sounds celebrates the release of their debut full-length studio album Get Ready with the new #MatadorMonday single “El Dorado.” The band founded by Roberts (of New Master Sounds) and Evans (of Soul Live) also features vocalists Adryon De León (of Orgone) and Kimberly Dawson (of Pimps of Joytime), keyboardist Chris Spies, and bassist Kevin Scott. The band, whose name is inspired by the Grant Green album Matador!, lends their psych, surf rock, soul and jazz sensibilities to the tape on “El Dorado” – a gigantic retro groove that encapsulates their sonic might and “let it ride” ethos, as explained by Evans:

“I never worry about when something I write and record will make it’s way on to wax. El Dorado began it’s life years ago as idea I came up with one night by myself in the studio. I laid down guitar, bass then drums and there it was. Years later as we were getting ready for our first Matador! Soul Sounds recording session, we were all digging for ideas to bring to the table. I wrote a few ideas with everyone in mind but I had a feeling I had more to bring. Then I heard El Dorado in my head. I searched hard drive after hard drive until I found it. I knew Matador! would bring the heat on it and the heat most certainly laid down. There’s nothing better than hearing an idea that came to you in the middle of the night being brought to life by amazing people and artists. I don’t have to worry about a thing with a band like this. We just let it ride!!!”

Listen to “El Dorado” below. Purchase the Get Ready album via iTunes. Get more on Matador! Soul Sounds via matadorsoulsounds.com


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