If you were present during Winter JazzFest this year, then you’ll recall the excitement that Freelance brought to the stage. The Harlem based act was billed as the hottest up-and-coming band, and they certainly did not disappoint. Following their success at WJF and their series of residencies at Lower East Side’s landmark venue, Nublu, the Freelance band is poised to take the next step in their progression with the forthcoming release of their debut album, Yes Today.

Long Awaited Freelance Debut Album 'Yes Today' Slated For May 11 Release On Revive Music

Slated for a May 11 release, the 13-track LP is a collection of songs that speak to the evolution of this exciting young band and their many influences from Earth Wind and Fire, Fela Kuti, Radiohead, and the J Dilla. But this genre-defying uptown collective isn’t just another run-in-the-mill supergroup. Consisting of Tim “Smithsoneon” Smith (vocals), Chad “Asuar the Ambassador” Selph (keyboard), saxophonist Craig Hill (Takuya Kuroda), Yasser Tejeda (guitar), drummer Justin Tyson (R+R=Now, Robert Glasper Experiment, Esperanza Spalding), and David “DJ” Ginyard (Solange, Terence Blanchard E-Collective), Freelance poses itself as a voice for its generation.

“Freelance represents a lifestyle that I feel is trending amongst our generation more and more,” Smithsoneon comments. “It’s a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to take what you’re passionate about and create a career truly loving what you do. It’s a movement of entrepreneurs leaving the normative social influence in order to create their own possibilities around being authentic, fulfilled and empowering. So when people listen to our music we hope that they are inspired to realign themselves with their hopes and dreams and say “Yes” to them, because that’s how this album was created.” Tim “Smithsoneon” Smith

This ethos is best exemplified in Freelance’s lead single “Band Plays On.” Reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s 1980 hit “Off The Wall,” “Band Plays On” speaks to that feeling we all experience when our favorite song magically alleviates the worries of everyday life.

Originally released back in April 2017, “Band Plays On” is now being re-released to signify Freelance’s newfound partnership with Revive Music.

Since the launch of Revive Music’s imprint on Blue Note Records, the esteemed and notable joint partnership produced a trio of releases including Otis Brown III’s The Thought of You, Marcus Strickland’s Nihil Novi and the ambitious Supreme Sonacy Vol. 1 compilation — a landmark LP for Revive’s signature brand. With Marcus Strickland’s 2nd album in works, Revive’s label philosophy has grown over the past couple years and making bold new steps creating label partnerships with the artists themselves.

Marking the beginning of this bold new frontier is the release of Freelance’s infectious single, “Band Plays On.” While ear-worm includes all the benchmarks you’d normally find in a catchy dance track, “Band Plays On” really shines by allowing it’s individual members to shine. Smithsoneon’s powerful vocals and Ginyard’s carefully placed bass fills provide an anchor while Asuar the Ambassador’s synth patches add colorful textures that tickle the back of the ear. All of that is then carefully accented by Tejeda’s steady chickin’ pickin’ on guitar, Tyson’s steady drum groove, as well as the EWF-esque horns led by Hill.

Grab your favorite pair of headphones and take a listen to Freelance’s “Band Plays On.” Pre-order the album via iTunes and get “Band Plays On” as an instant download.

Pre-Order Yes Today Here


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