Lakecia Benjamin Teams Up With GRAMMY Award Winning "Teacher of the Year" Melissa Salguero For "March On" Video

In a time inundated with not-so-great news on a regular basis, it’s nice to be able to turn to music for some positivity. It’s not a farfetched idea and it’s one that has been echoed by some of music’s greatest practitioners. After all, it was Art Blakey who famously stated (having modified Picasso’s original quote) that “Jazz washes away the dust of everyday life.” While it’s one thing to write music that uplifts, it’s much better still for an individual’s actions to speak louder. This is exactly what Lakecia Benjamin does in her latest video for “March On” as she teamed up with GRAMMY Award Winning “Teacher of the Year” Melissa Salguero to shine the light on some very talented students from PS48’s Musical Department.

“March On” is the first cut from Benjamin’s latest album Rise Up, which dropped on March 23 on Ropeadope. As the title suggests, the song presents an uplifting message for dark times.

“Life’s journey has many ups and downs, but we’ll never hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel unless we keep moving confidently towards it,” Benjamin commented in a press release concerning her latest single. “I wanted to take my experience and pay it forward in the hope that it will inspire the next generation to be the best version of themselves. Take today as the first step towards living your dreams. ‘March On Ya’ll'”

Look below to watch Lakecia Benjamin, Melissa Salguero, and all the talented students of PS48 in “March On.” Order Rise Up on bandcamp and/or iTunes.


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