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Continuing on with our favorite tracks from 2014; Revive is privileged to have worked with a few of the artists listed below and we look forward keep reading »

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Flying Lotus‘s epic You’re Dead! caused a bit of a stir among jazz heads last year–was it jazz? Was it hip-hop? Was it something else entirely? At keep reading »

Composer and vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles’ Inner Dialogue is one of the most hauntingly beautiful albums that we’ve heard in a long time. It’s the perfect combination of keep reading »

Ben Williams is one of the most in-demand bassists of his generation. “Ben has a fearless and open-minded approach to what music can be,” comments keep reading »

This is our inaugural post of a new series that showcases up-and-coming musicians from each instrument. The series comes from our realization that a simple keep reading »

Billie Holiday is an artist that comes around once in a while. While we can wax poetic about her phrasing and how she re-defined what keep reading »

Composer and vocalist Sarah Elizabeth Charles writes music that is as intellectual as it is hip. For her sophomore release, Inner Dialogue, she enlisted artistic keep reading »

New York-based bassist, producer, and composer Brady Watt has shared the stage and studio with some of hip-hop’s finest and most legendary names. More recently, keep reading »

Vocalist and bandleader José James has done, if not everything, then at least a little of everything. His albums span genres, his smooth, rich baritone keep reading »

Last night felt like a replay of December when D’Angelo suddenly dropped Black Messiah. While Kendrick Lamar didn’t quite release To Pimp A Butterfly out of the keep reading »

The Village Vanguard isn’t exactly the biggest music venue in New York City. While the club only has a 123-person capacity, it has remained one keep reading »