Corey Bernhard
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The legendary Talib Kweli sat down to give The Revivalist some straight talk on the dynamics behind his myriad of projects. From DJ’s to live bands, and from hip-hop to jazz Talib walks us through what it takes to be in his band and why a group without a DJ can’t be playing hip-hop…with a few notable exceptions. Talib lays loose into why he loves to play with a live band and what it takes to be a go-to musician for Idle Warship.

The Instruments Issue centers on exceptional, challenging or thought-provoking moments and movements in jazz. At the heart of our creative energy for this issue is an insistence on understanding the musician’s experience and illuminating the mystery around their instruments.

Thursday 3/24 the James Casey Band will be debuting at Kenny Castaway’s with James on tenor sax, Corey Bernhard on keys, Adam Agati on guitar, Reuben Cainer on bass, and Jonas Imbert on drums. The set will run one hour.

For the launch of our new series, The Revivalist Sessions, we brought a talented group of musicians into the studio to record what they’re currently working on. The first installment features James Casey, DJ Ginyard, Corey Bernhard, Justin Tyson, and Nozomi Yamaguchi working out some tunes for their project that will be out at the end of the year. Check out the video below for an inside look into what happens when musicians hit the studio to record. Then take a listen to a mix of the track guitarist, Nozomi Yamaguchi put together for us.

Earlier this week, some our favorite musicians joined us in the studio for a marathon recording session for our new series, The Revivalist Sessions. We were fortunate enough to have a sneak peek into the recording process and grab some amazing audio and video to share with all of you. Here’s a taste of things to come!

Today we are taking a look at what it means to be a working keyboard player and the difficulties they face including an ever expanding list of necessary gear and knowledge to reproduce recorded music in a live setting. Take a look as Corey Bernhard takes us through the some of his favorites.

Live from Bedford-Stuyvesant, is Boston’s own Corey Bernhard: a pianist and keyboardist working to make music as meaningful as it is beautiful. Unimpressed with the labels many purists abide by to reiterate their musical loyalties, Corey is concerned with reaching the roots of American musical heritage in order to refine his tastes and talents as one of the forces driving a major movement of cultural reclamation in both jazz and live musicianship. Rocking stages around Harvard and Berklee, and touring with Bilal would be enough for most people. Somehow they seem like the tip of the iceberg for a musician as dedicated, passionate, and inquisitive as Corey Bernhard.